How to Be a Good Basketball Player

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Playing basketball requires natural skill, but you can become a good basketball player if you properly condition your body, practice with the right drills, and master the mental aspects of the game. Good basketball players put in the effort and training that it takes to get better on the court, and they have the personality traits that coaches appreciate.


Improving your Offensive Play

1. Improve your ball handling skills. Some experts believe the ability to handle the ball well is the most important skill in the game. You shouldn’t have to think too hard about dribbling the ball if you practice a lot. A good way

How to Prevent Injuries During Exercise

Many people enthusiastically start a new exercise program just to get sidelined shortly after due to a fitness injury. With the right precautions and mind set this can be prevented.

Warm Up

It is imperative to warm up before each workout to ensure that the muscles and surrounding tissue receive enough blood and nutrients to perform any required tasks during the actual exercises. Skipping the warm up can result in painful muscle tears that take time and rest to heal. About 10 minutes of light cardio routines like jumping, running, or using an elliptical will get your circulation going and qualify as adequate warm up.

Stretching (Pre- and Post-Workout)

Stretching your muscles after your warm up increases your flexibility while giving you a longer and leaner appearance. The increased flexibility will allow you to perform better during your main workout and minimize the risk of injury. Bad form, however, can still result in tearing of ligaments. You should also stretch all the muscles you challenged during your workout afterward again.


Trying to work out without drinking water before and during your workout is the equivalent of attempting to drive your car with an empty tank of gas. Before you

10 Fitness tips for the whole Family

Family sitting on bikes on path smilingStaying fit is important at any age. Maybe you want to get your family active but don’t know how to go about it. Here are ten good ideas to help educate you on fitness so you can make changes in your life.

Obesity is an epidemic in our world today. It is not just eating more fattening foods but the lack of activity that is contributing to the problem. As a family unit, you can help turn things around one day at a time. Try one idea and then another.

10 tips to make fitness fun and easy

No one necessarily wants to exercise. Doing it alone can be a chore, but when you are with another, say a family member, it can become friendly competition that benefits all involved. Try the following.

  1. Talk to your family – We all could be a little more active each day. Encourage your family by telling them that you are doing it together so the person with the most weight to lose is not singled out. Everyone works together.
  2. Have fun – Especially for kids, an activity that is fun is more likely to be repeated day

How to Find a Sports Instructor?

Being in shape is not just fashion it is a way of life for many people today. But a lot of people willing to start doing sport do not understand where to begin with and so postpone their intention to begin. But today we would like to give universal tips for starting your new healthy life and the most important one is to find an instructor to work with. Read below universal tips from experts.

Know the Legal Status

You need to be aware of the legal requirements that a trainer or instructor have to follow. It means that, for instance, if you want to find aerobics instructor you should find out his or her license number, membership in associations and work permit in the area you are looking.

It is very important that you cooperate and especially begin your trainings with a professional, because otherwise you risk training with the person who knows nothing about basic physiology of human’s body and as a result you may not only have no effect from trainings but even injure yourself from such trainings. Remember that legal status is some kind of marker of professionalism for an instructor, so

Dangers of electrocution

Electricity provides numerous benefits to our lives, increasing both day to day comfort and happiness. But along with all of its benefits, electricity also carries large risks. Electrocution can cause serious health risks, and even death. Read on for the short-term and long-term dangers of electrocution, as well as how you can avoid electrocution in your home or place of business.

Short-Term Risks of Electrocution

Being electrocuted or receiving an electrical shock will differ in severity depending upon the strength of the current of the electricity at the time it enters the body. The strength of the current changes depending upon the voltage, the amperage, and the pathway that the current follows through the body to the ground. For example, if a person is wearing rubber shoes when he comes in contact with electrical current, the shoes can provide resistance to the ground, which can reduce the severity of electrocution. Because of the differences in amperage and voltage, the short-term side effects of electrocution also vary greatly, and can include anything from no feeling whatsoever, the feeling of a slight painful shock, or extreme pain, burns, and temporary paralysis. Most electrocution that only has minimal immediate side effects, such as temporary discomfort

Costa and Mata absent from Spanish Euro 2016 squad

What do you have to do to be selected for your country’s national squad? This must be the question on the mind of two of Spain’s most talented and well-known footballers right now after their failure to be selected for this year’s Euros.

Costa and Mata absent from Spanish Euro 2016 squad

Image Credit

Both Diego Costa and Juan Mata could be forgiven for imagining that they would have been amongst the first names on manager Vincente del Bosque’s teamsheet; however, this time they have missed out.

Low-risk approach costs Diego

The Guardian quotes del Bosque saying that he has decided not to risk picking players who have too many doubts over their fitness for the upcoming Euro 2016 event. With Diego Costa’s club manager, Guus Hiddink, admitting that he is unsure whether the Chelsea player will be fit in time for this summer’s tournament in France, it seems likely that this is the reason behind him missing out.

United’s lacklustre season means Mata pays the price

Juan Mata is likely to be paying the price for Manchester United’s poor showing in this season’s Premier League. With the club

Dress Your Team for Success

It is safe to assume that you have not attended a basketball game, outside of the playground, during which the teams wore no uniforms. Aside from a cost-effective, convenient way to tell opposing team members apart, there are a number of reasons a well-designed, high-quality uniform is required. Basketball is a sport enjoyed by residents across Australia, and no matter what part of Australia you call home, your team should look fresh and ready to win. Reputable uniform manufacturers are available right now with your team in mind in order to help you create the perfect look. Not only will your team step confidently onto the court, but they will also be better received by fans and strike fear into the hearts of their opposition.

Just Why Are Uniforms So Important?

For younger teams, confidence is a huge component in the outcome of the game. A great uniform is utilised to make these talented stars-to-be feel like part of a cohesive team. A flashy, brightly coloured uniform, for example, would set them apart from other teams and bring a sense of fun to the court. Styles which mimic professional jerseys also create a great attitude amongst

5 Basketball Tips For Better Ball Handling

If you watch much basketball, it becomes quite apparent that there are very few great ball-handlers that can consistently break the defense down off the dribble. When you see a player that actually has this ability, it’s so devastating to the opposing team that it can literally change the game. Imagine being able to create off the dribble anytime you wanted. Well there’s good news for you. This isn’t something players are born with, but rather, something players can improve through hard work and dedication. The five tips below will help any player improve these special skills.

#1. Do around-the-body drills to improve ball-control and quickness with the ball. Move the ball in a circle around your head, around your waist, around both legs, around your right leg, around your left leg, and in a figure 8 motion around and through both legs. Make sure to do these drills in both directions. Start out slow, and once you can do at least ten in a row, work on doing the drill as fast as possible. One way to see if you are getting any faster is to put these drills into timings. See how many times you can move the ball

5 Basketball Tips to Help You Become a Powerhouse Player

In the game of basketball, guts is one thing, but skills is another. In fact, a skill is more decisive than guts most of the time. Even if you are born with the height of Shaq or the speed of Kobe, you still need to strive to put more edge on your playing. Here are some killer basketball tips that are geared to take your game to the next level.

Killer Basketball Tips to Improve Your Hardcourt Skills:

1. Do some basketball simulation exercises. You can put more edge in your playing ability even without using a ball. What you need is to practice basketball moves by performing basketball simulations. It pays to master various basketball moves even without the ball. This can help build your stamina and agility, not to mention your scoring potential during the actual game. Focus on some vital hardcourt moves such as fakes, fast breaks, front cuts, and back cuts.

2. Practice swinging low. Practice playing low as much as possible. This will help you improve your defense. The advantage of playing low is that you can protect the ball against your opponent more efficiently. Do pivot simulations while dribbling the ball. Just be careful not to expose

5 Top Ways to Find Basketball Shoes That Fit Well and Feel Good

Basketball shoes are one of the most popular types of men’s sneakers. Athletic footwear designed for playing basketball comes in a variety of colors, materials, designs, and even ankle heights, giving many options for creating unique styles. High-quality basketball shoes are crucial for serious players, but many casual players and non-players wear basketball shoes as well. Fashion enthusiasts may not be quite as invested in the longevity of a shoe, but athletes want to buy shoes that are comfortable, supportive, flexible, and long-lasting.

There are five major ways to pick out the right pair of basketball shoes: these include considering the type of playing that is done; taking the size, shape, and structure of the feet into account; and knowing how to determine quality. Finally, tips for shopping in stores and online can help buyers close the deal on a pair of basketball shoes that will last for years to come.
1. Know the Playing Needs
All basketball players need some degree of cushioning, support, and flexibility. By considering a typical game, a buyer can make the right choices for cushioning, support, and flexibility based on the following conditions:
Whether he is a power player or a speed player
Whether he

7 Tips for Running a Great Basketball Practice

  1. Always be prepared. Every minute of practice should be planned out – though one must always be flexible to change if need be. The preparation is a guideline, but should always be fluid. Start with a plan in your head of where you want your team to be and then design your practices to build them up to that point. Remember: Rome was not built in a day.
  2. Be accessible, but firm to your players. Practices should be hard and challenging. Challenge your players to give all that they have, but also make sure to praise them often and loudly when they do. This will promote the atmosphere you desire.
  3. Decide what you will and will not tolerate. Every coach has different thoughts on what is ok behavior and what is not. You must set the tone for this early and stick to it. For example, do you want them on the floor ready to stretch at the beginning of your practice? Or do you want them already there and stretched out so that you hit the ground running at the beginning of your practice? For my team, if someone is late for my practice and has not let me know beforehand

Tips for Planning an Awesome Basketball Practice

Basketball Practice Essentials

The first thing is that you have to put it down on paper. You can’t wing it. You also have to plan your practices in advance. As I approach my high school season, I know that I’ll have 16 practices in my preseason and I’ll have six scrimmages before my first game.

So as I’m preparing, I know that I have to have certain things on certain days so that I know where I need to be. With that in mind, I’ll keep practice plans for three or four years so I can compare what I’m doing on a certain day, but also so I can compare the quality of the practice. I try to grade them as best I can.

It’s also very important to stay with a schedule. When you write your practice schedule down, don’t deviate from it. Don’t be stubborn about completing something and staying with it much longer than you originally planned–because now you’re losing other things at practice. If it didn’t work well, come back to it the next day at practice and use another fundamental drill. It’s not always the kids’ fault that the drill doesn’t go well at practice. So if you

The 5 Nutrition Habits of Explosive Basketball Players

Basketball players: the determining factor between becoming a good player and a great player is your diet.

The proof is in the physiques and performance of today’s top NBA stars. These athletes have muscular builds with very low body fat percentages—body structures that allow them to be explosive on the court.

It’s difficult to build muscle and stay under 10% body fat. It’s actually impossible unless you have both a solid diet and weightlifting plan.

From my experience, I have noticed a trend in the way these athletes eat. My athletes, who develop amazing physiques, all share the following five superior dietary habits.

They eat protein at every meal

Protein is the most important macronutrient you can eat when trying to achieve a lean physique. It builds muscle while increasing your metabolism so you can continually burn fat. You are not eating a real meal if your plate doesn’t have at least 20 grams of protein.

Aim to eat 0.75 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.
The majority of your intake should be from real protein sources (e.g., chicken, fish, grass-fed beef, eggs, turkey, quinoa, Greek yogurt and mixed nuts).
Within 30 minutes after a workout, drink a protein shake or chocolate

10 Tips For Girls On How To Be Aggressive In Basketball

There is nothing more satisfying for a coach than to see his players play basketball aggressively. Aside from boys, girls can also play aggressively in games. You cannot count them out because if they want to, they can work hard to develop themselves in order to match up with the boys. However, the question here is how can girls help themselves to become aggressive players in the game of basketball? Aggression here should not be governed by strong or raging emotions deep within the player, but by playing hard and playing smart.

In connection to that, here are some of the ways girls can make use of so that they can be aggressive in their basketball game:

1. Be confident.
Confidence is one of the foundations of being aggressive. When you feel confident about your game, you feel as if you can do almost anything. If you feel confident that you can make the basket, you shoot the ball more relaxed. If you are confident that you can rebound the ball, you’ll go ahead more determined and jump higher to get the ball. This is how confidence helps you to be aggressive in your basketball game.

Confidence starts within you. You must learn


Guys, have you had pain in the back of the upper leg and heel while walking so that the feet become swollen? If so, it could be you experiencing inflammation of the Achilles. The Achilles is the largest tendon in the body which is located at the back of the ankle and connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.

Not just an ordinary person, NBA players like Kobe Bryant has ever suffered an Achilles tendon injury, when the LA Lakers against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA last season. As a result, he was forced to pull out of a couple of games of the playoffs for surgery and recovery from injury.

Therefore, if you begin to feel pain like some of those symptoms, it is very important for you to immediately to do the “CRIME” before the injury getting worse. What is it? Here they are:


The first thing you need to do is to put a pressure on the Achilles’s tendon by using an elastic bandage. It can help to reduce swelling and reduce the movement of the tendon.


When you started to feel the pain in the Achilles’s tendon, immediately rested leg injury. Do not do exercises that require

Improve Free Throw Shooting

Pro, college, and high school players routinely shoot free throws poorly, even in game-deciding situations. Rarely do we see players improve. Spending more practice time on foul shooting does not seem to help; in many cases players shoot even worse. Here are effective techniques that would even help Wilt or the Shaq and will definitely help the players on your team.

To improve their foul shooting your players need to work on four groups of skills, not necessarily in this order .

1. Foul Shot Technique

2. Foul Shot Practice

3. General Shot Technique

4. General Shot Practice

Foul Shot Technique
A player on the foul line needs a sensible routine to follow for two reasons. One, this routine focuses the player on the shot rather than the score or the crowd noise. Two, a tired player may relax and skip essential mechanical movements that are critical to good shooting. Here is a four-step routine.

Step 1 involves shaking or loosening the wrists. Players should wave the hands back and forth several times like a wet noodle. This only takes a few seconds.

Step 2 involves getting fingertips on the ball. Dribbling or bouncing the ball several times satisfies this second requirement.

Step 3 involves bending the knees several


High fives. School spirit. Team pride. School-based sports programs can bring out noticeable positive reactions and behaviors in teens. But what are the deeper benefits from these programs? What are we losing when schools are forced to cut these programs?

The most extensive research has come in a report called “Relationships Between Youth Sport Participation and Selected Health Risk Behaviors from 1999 to 2007” published in the Journal of School Health. This report analyzes many different factors, including race, age, and gender, and behaviors, including eating habits, sexual activity, and drug risks. The report found that many groups experienced overall benefits, with the exception of some subgroups. Overall, the study found that advantages of sports include:

  • Weight control
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Social competence
  • Academic achievement

And sports can lead to reduced rates of:

  • Juvenile arrests
  • Teen pregnancies
  • School dropout  (Taliaferro, 2010)

In addition to these social and emotional benefits, sports can also bring about intangible benefits to the school and community as a whole. “Sports also create important opportunities for students to contribute to the school community, which may cultivate an increased commitment to, or identification with, school and school values.” (Taliaferro, 2010)

This article will look closer at some of these benefits and how school administrators can factor these into their decisions regarding

Sports Have Positive Effect on Students

Middle and high school students who participate in sports express less hostility toward their classmates and are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college, according to the preliminary results of an ongoing national study.

“We are finding that individual students who participate in sports are less likely to be hostile or antagonistic toward other students regardless of their race or ethnicity,” said Jomills Braddock II, director of the University of Miami’s Center for Research on Sport in Society, who is heading a team of researchers analysis the data from the national study. “Sports require teamwork in the pursuit of mutual goals to achieve success. With sports, young people learn to recognize and value the unique and important contributions of their diverse teammates.”

Although the data is still being analyzed, Braddock said that another emerging pattern is that at-risk youths greatly benefit from participating in sports programs at their schools. Data from the study shows that African American student-athletes are 10 percent more likely than non-athletes to plan to take college AP courses and 10 percent more likely to make plans for attending college.

“Involvement in sports appears to enhance a student’s academic aspirations, investments, and achievements,” said Braddock.

10 Reasons Why High School Sports Benefit Students

Athletics have been a mainstay of the high school scene for decades. Today, the field has merely expanded, encompassing an even greater variety of competitive options for male and female students alike. While many students get involved in high school athletics for sheer love of the game, there are significant benefits from these extracurricular activities as well. We have 10 ways high school sports benefit students – some of which students and parents may not even realize.


Community Representation
While club sports have become a popular pastime for both students and college recruiters, there is still a lot to be said for playing for your high school team. According to Unigo, students who participate in high school sports learn the benefit of representing their community on the field or court. These athletes learn the fun of team rivalries and revel in the praise of a job well done for their school. This feeling of community and the honor of representing the home team may run over into college athletics if the student advances in his sport as well.
The fitness level of athletes in high school sports programs cannot be underestimated. According to a report from the National Federation of State High School

3 Simple Strategies to Attack a Zone Defense

Want to score more points against zone defense? Here are 3 really simple yet effective strategies that every coach should consider.

These strategies work against all types of zone defenses and will help you score more points…

Strategy #1 – Put Your Best Ballhandler in the Middle (Even if They’re 4 Foot Nothing)

I picked up this strategy from Danny Miles who is #4 with most wins in college history (900) and the head coach of Oregon Tech.

It’s very common for teams to put their big man at the free throw line in the middle of the zone offense. Instead, he urges you to put your best ball-handler and creator there. It’s doesn’t matter if they’re 5’2″.

Big players usually aren’t as good at catching andhandling a ball in traffic. But if you put one of your best ball handlers in the high post area, they will be able to drive around the bigger defensive players. They can score, dish, and cause lots of problems for the defense. This especially causes match up problems for the defense because they always put the biggest clumsier players in the middle of the zone defense. They will not be able stop your quick guards.

Coaches should take a

The Health Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity

The Report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace states that young people can benefit from physical activity as it contributes to developing healthy bones, efficient heart and lung function as well as improved motor skills and cognitive function. Physical activity can help to prevent hip fractures among women and reduce the effects of osteoporosis. Remaining physically active can enhance functional capacity among older people, and can help to maintain quality of life and independence.

Physical activity and psychosocial health

The WHO has estimated that “one in four patients visiting a health service has at least one mental, neurological or behavioural disorder, but most of these disorders are neither diagnosed nor treated”. A number of studies have shown that exercise may play a therapeutic role in addressing a number of psychological disorders. Studies also show that exercise has a positive influence on depression. Physical self-worth and physical self-perception, including body image, has been linked to improved self-esteem. The evidence relating to health benefits of physical activity predominantly focuses on intra-personal factors such as physiological, cognitive and affective benefits, however, that does not exclude the social and inter-personal benefits of sport and physical